Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I LOVE About Kindergarten

I like kindergarten for so many reasons.  It has opened up my son's world in wonderful new ways.  He sometimes spends hours drawing compared to probably two hours in the past year (I'm not exaggerating).  It wasn't his thing and I didn't push it.  He excels in other areas like sports, his love of nature and his amazing ability to be empathetic beyond his years.  Now he is reading simple books, which is amazing and empowering.  And he uses the time on our drive to school to practice his writing.  It's all so great and his school and teachers are the best.

But what I LOVE about kindergarten is when our eyes first meet as he emerges from the glass doors at the end of the day and makes a beeline to where I wait to help him into the car.  His smile starts as a smirk, but by the time he jumps (literally) into my arms, as he does everyday, it's a blinding show of happy teeth.  I love that he lets me hold him as long as I like.  He stays nestled in my neck until I pull him back just enough to see his shining brown eyes and ask about his day.  I love that for that moment he is my baby and only mine.  We stand wrapped in each other's love in the rush of the school car line, but no one seems to mind, or if they do I am so wrapped up in the the way his hair smells like a pleasant mix of shampoo and the outdoors and his curls feel tangled and bouncy from the busy day of a kindergartner that I do not notice.  Each day I swear he is heavier than the day before and I'm reminded that one day he will be "too big" to jump into my arms in such a carefree public display of affection.

Reading, writing, math and music are all important and I'm thankful that my baby is getting a great education. But what I LOVE about kindergarten is that at the end of every day he is back in my arms right where he belongs and for those few moments all is right with the world.

This post was inspired by and is in memory of Super Ty, aka Ty Louis Campbell 10/4/2007 - 10/17/2012.  

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