Thursday, July 19, 2012

Personalized Baby Bunting

My cousin recently had twins, a precious boy, Charlie, and sweet girl, Layla.  Born at 32 weeks they are true miracles.  I was passing on lots of stuff from my kids, but wanted to give her something that I put my heart into.  Something personal for each of her blessings.  I have been collecting vintage sheets, pillowcases, and other fabric to make flags for Ada Marie's first birthday, which is coming up WAY too quickly.  It got me thinking that this could be a fun gift for my cousin.

So, I riffled through my fabric collection to see what I had laying around.  And I was able to gather enough to make two sets of flags.  The babies share a room and I was told the room does not really have a theme but half the room is blue and half is pink.  That made things even easier.

I didn't photograph pictures of the process, but hopefully I will when I finish Ada's flags in the next few weeks.  After selecting my fabrics I cut out a flag pattern (simply a triangle) from a blog that I cannot seem to find, but it offered the pattern in three sizes so if you know what blog it was please comment below so I can give credit where credit is due.  Then I laid out the flags to choose an arrangement.  I then used a combination of receiving blankets and fabric to make the letters for the name.  I decided on two different fabrics for the letters to get them to show up on the different flags.  I then ironed the letter fabric to heat n bond, downloaded the font I wanted from and used a silhouette to cut out the letters (you can cut them by hand if you don't have a fabulous neighbor with a silhouette). I recommend doing a double cut just to be sure it cuts all the way through on the first try.  Then I ironed the letters onto the flags.

Time to sew the flags together.  Quilt binding is a super quick, easy way to attach the flags and it is available in a variety of colors.  I used this for some flags I made for spring decorating, but this time I wanted something with a bit more personality.  You see, my cousin has lots of personality.  I like to think she has a very earthy side, but she also has a very girly, bling side, too.  I thought the flags were a bit earthy, especially since they were upcycled, so, I went out in search of some fabulous ribbon and this is what I found.

It's a shimmery light pink with shiny pink stars - perfect!  I folded the ribbon in half and ironed it to get a crease to line up the flags.  (One of the stars came off on the iron so I used a tea towel in between the iron and the ribbon.)  I trimmed the top of the flags to make sure that they were even then inserted the flags into the middle of the folded ribbon and pinned them in place.  I spaced them about 1/2 - 2 inches apart, but do whatever looks best to you.  Then I sewed a straight line down the ribbon to connect the flags.  I started sewing on the ribbon about 1/2 inch before the first flag.

And here's Charlie's flags.  After I found Layla's ribbon I knew I wanted to find something with stars for Charlie, too.  Thankfully it was nearing July 4th so there was no shortage of star ribbon.  I wish I had chosen a darker fabric for the H and I, but it's ok I love it anyway and it would be easy to use a sharpie or fabric marker to outline it or fill it in so it would stand out more.  

I love how they turned out and am so excited to finish Ada's.  I'm trying to choose a font, which can suck hours out of my life.  Any recommendations for an easy-to-read, girly, but not too girly free font?

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