Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fabric Storage From Diaper Stacker

I have a problem.  I'm addicted to fabric.  There I said it.  It's the first step to healing, right?  Or maybe I don't want to be healed.  Maybe I love being a fabricaholic.  Of course I love fabric cut straight from the bolt at the fabric store, but I REALLY love finding sheets at the thrift store with cool prints, crisp white sheets that are perfect for everything and fun t-shirts that deserve a second chance at life.  And it's so cost effective AND preshrunk!  Here are some fabulous sheets I found recently. (Ok, so one is a pillow case and one is a curtain panel, but same thing, right?)

I apologize for the wrinkles.  Salvation Army doesn't do folding and I don't do ironing (at least not before I'm ready to sew).

Where to store all this glorious fabric can be a serious problem.  I don't have a craft room, sigh, so I use my dining room.  I try not to keep all my supplies in there, though let's be real here, that's where they usually stay until I have to move them for some gathering of friends and/or family.  I've been trying to find ways to make my closets hold more of my supplies while not displacing other items, which might happen if I added additional shelving.  So that brings me to the handy dandy diaper stacker that often comes with nursery crib sets.

Photo from

Someone out there probably uses these, but I do not.  Never have.  The picture above doesn't show it, but they usually have a hanger at the top to, well, uh, hang.  So I have repurposed one that we had laying around and now it is a fabulously easy and convenient fabric holder.  Yay for repurposing!

No, I don't store it outside on my clothesline, but seriously, you want to see my closets?  I think not.  As for the polka dotted turtle wearing the ever-popular propeller hat, it doesn't bother me a bit because it's in the closet.  If you have cute closets (don't ever tell me about it because I may vomit) try sewing one of your own using one of the many tutorials out there like this one from Sew Dang Cute Crafts or this one from Frugal Crafty Mom ( I would use a heavy duty hanger though if you're using it for fabric storage.  Like one from a retail store and then the metal part of the hanger can swivel so your fabric stacker can either face sideways or forward.)  How do you store your fabric?


  1. Love it. I love fabric too, but have not done much thrifted fabrics. I want to start (but I really need to have a project in mind). I get a lot of hand-me-down fabric from my grandmother, but sometimes it is hard to figure out what do do with 3 yards of stripped rayon or checked poly. I love the idea of reusing sheets, blankets, etc.

  2. What a great way to utilize every SMALL space in the home ;) I have recently repurposed old stackable wicker chests for my fabric. The top of the stack serves well for a side table to my desk.