Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to the Hood: a practical housewarming gift

We are blessed with some really incredible friends and now two of those incredible friends are living in our neighborhood!  They got a deal on a beautiful diamond-in-the-rough and we are thrilled to call them friends and neighbors.  They have always been there for us and I knew I wanted to welcome them to our hood with a homemade and practical housewarming gift so on the day of their closing the kiddos and I left this on their doorstep.

I scored an enormous, thick glass mason jar at our local Habitat ReStore for 10 bucks!  I cut the design on Con-Tact paper using a Silhouette (you could also print out the words and then use an X-acto knife to cut the design onto the Con-Tact paper) and then after smoothing the paper onto the jar I used Armour Glass Etching Cream to etch the design onto the jar.

Then gathered some supplies: a pretty hand towel from World Market, Method hand soap in Fresh Currant, J.R. Watkins Room Freshener in lemon (or check out this post for DIY room sprays - I love using vanilla and peppermint together in a spray), a cleaner burning soy candle from Target in lemon verbena, Myers dish soap also in lemon verbena, a few cloths and sponges for cleaning and a small bottle of champagne.

I set this all on a cooler and inside the cooler was a six pack of beer because, well, moving sucks, but beer helps.

Now before you say, "Aww, how sweet." - because of course that's what you're thinking - if I were really sweet I would have cleaned up the dead bird I spotted chillin' in their driveway.

But hopefully the little gift we left made up for this little welcome gift from the neighborhood cat.  We're so glad you're here Peaches and Curry!

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  1. Aww THANK YOU for the housewarming gift. I didn't realize you etched the logo on there yourself, great work! I totally thought it was store bought!

  2. Hey Rachel,
    So cute! I just did my first glass etching project this week, using a stencil cutter/wood burning tool - so fun!
    Thanks so much for linking up last Friday. Hope to see you back tomorrow to link up and see if you were featured or even won the free ad space!