Monday, April 9, 2012

She's Sew Crazy

I may be going mad.  We have a large area rug (6x9 or so) that sits on top of our carpet in our living room.  It's a fairly thin rug and is CONSTANTLY wrinkled.  Wrinkled is probably an understatement.  Our living room has turned into a basketball court with the rug as the main playing area, which means that every time I straighten the rug it almost instantly reverts back to its previous disheveled state. It drives me NUTS!  I do not keep the neatest house.  I have great intentions, but don't always execute well and at any given time there is some toy to be stepped over (notice I didn't say picked up, lol) or a pile of mail to be sorted.  So, this rug thing just makes my home appear even more out of sorts and it is visible from our front entry.  It was time to either solve the problem or relocate the offender.

I made a lame attempt at using "industrial strength" velcro, but the adhesive on the back was severely lacking in the strength department and came loose during the first half of a family basketball game (UNC Asheville vs. Syracuse in case you're curious.  Read more about our bulldog love here).  I was fed up and about to move the rug to another room when I decided to try sewing it.  I straightened the rug and made sure I was happy with the placement, grabbed a darning needle and some heavy weight thread and sewed that court rug in place.  I sewed it in two places on one of the two sides not held down with furniture.  It has been a week now and the rug has not moved.  If it needs to be moved I'll simply cut the thread and then sew it again.  It only took about 5 minutes to sew both spots and it was 5 minutes well spent.  Maybe I can sew toys and mail in their places too!

Update:  Here are a few photos I just didn't have time to take when I posted this.

You can see it pulling a little, but it's hardly noticeable unless I point it out.

I'm sure it will rip at some point after an impressive dunk or alley-oop.  And here's a shot of our court.

The lighting is a bit dingy because it's way passed my bedtime but you get the idea.

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